Me and My Sisters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This novel is funny, smart, and very Irish. From the author who brought us From Here to Maternity and The Baby Trail, it revolves around the lives of the three Devlin sisters.

Sophie lunches with the ladies on her husband’s salary; Julie juggles triplets and keeps herself sane by contributing to an online forum while Louise climbs the legal ladder in London. They drive each other mad but depend on each other when they find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy, a suspected extramarital affair, and post-Celtic Tiger bankruptcy. Their parents are in regular contact but are primarily preoccupied with the girls’ baby brother Gavin.

Gavin steals the show by refusing to conform and living in a tree on the grounds of the local golf club, much to his parents’ embarrassment.

Give yourself a break from the doom and gloom and get stuck into this cracker of a novel. I suspect you’ll recognise at least one relative in Moriarty’s colourful characters!

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