TLLB star rating-a-year-in-the-village

A Year in the Village of Eternity

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lawson’s first book is a mix between a travelogue and a cookbook. Her passion for Italian cuisine and lifestyle is infectious. She fell in love with the culture while teaching English in Tuscany and her explorations led her to the picturesque village of Campodimele. Here the average life expectancy is 95, a whopping 20 years more than the European average.

Lawson reckons it’s down to their diet and spent a year living with the locals getting a feel for their approach to food. Here she recalls month-by-month the recipes, secrets, and nuggets of wisdom she squirrelled away during her year in ‘The Village of Eternity’.

A clever book packed with beautiful images and gorgeous recipes.

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