TLLB Star Rating_Under Currents

Under Currents

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beautiful lakeside setting ✅
A rich family tapestry ✅
A dark and tragic past ✅
Triumph over adversity ✅
Intrigue and romance ✅

Under Currents has it all! I have yet to read a Nora Roberts book that disappoints. They are definitely my guilty pleasure.

From the outside, it appears Zane and Britt belong to the perfect family, living in the perfect house in the shadow of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. In reality, their childhood is full of pain and terror. Thankfully, they manage to escape their awful circumstances and can move on with their lives.

Honestly, this part of the book alone would suffice as a story but Roberts is only getting started. Instead, it functions as a very detailed foundation for plenty of action and suspense.

Fast forward many years, and the siblings are both happily starting new chapters in their hometown. As is recent blow-in and landscaper Darby McCray. As love blossoms between Darby and Zane, a feeling of unease pervades. Both are haunted by their pasts.

Yes it is a little cheesy at times, and yes, it contains some cringy sex scenes; but that doesn’t take from a good old-fashioned solid story.

The picturesque and dramatic setting, the well-scripted townspeople (good and bad), along with the domestic violence storyline, make for a gripping read.

One to lose yourself in.