The Guest List

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Guests gather on a secluded island to attend the prestigious wedding of Jules and Will. Everyone brings a fair amount of baggage and long story short, somebody ends up dead.

Even though I ripped through this pacy thriller, I didn’t love it. However, that wouldn’t stop me recommending it to anyone who enjoys a good whodunnit! The setting on a remote Irish island is both familiar and unique and adds an evocative edge to the story.

Many of the characters are well crafted and the boys’ boarding school angle adds a sinister sense of intrigue.

It’s really well-paced and will keep you turning pages long after you should have turned out your light and called it a night.

Given all the above, I was surprised that I didn’t love it, and that I felt slightly disappointed in the end. I think it is because it seemed a bit too conveniently tied up. (A strange complaint I know!)

I would have preferred if it was just the Olivia/Will connection or else just the wedding planer Aoife/Will/Johnno connection – but both together didn’t work for me. I felt it took from what was otherwise a very engaging story.

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