theladylovesbooks_star rating_Wink-Murder

Wink Murder

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Paul, a married man, and Kate, a single woman, meet and begin an affair.  Paul ends up leaving his wife, Eloide, to marry Kate.  Ten years and two kids, Josh and Ava, later he stumbles home one night, drunk, covered in blood, and announces “I killed her”. 

Naturally, Kate is distressed but no amount of pleading, demanding, or cajoling can convince her distraught husband to elaborate.  The next day he tells her he ran over a dog… Soon after a lady who works for Paul is found murdered.

Does Paul have anything to do with it?  If you were Kate what would you do?  Understandably the dynamic of their marriage begins to morph and as more information about their past is revealed, the plot thickens.

Knight has put a lot of work into tightening up her tale.  There are plenty of twists and turns.  It rips along nicely, and for a debut it’s pretty cleanly crafted.

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