theladylovesbooks_star rating_Wink-MurderOne-Small-Act-of-Kindness

One Small Act of Kindness

Rating: 3 out of 5.

How terrifying must it be to wake up in hospital and have no idea how you got there? Imagine not knowing your name, your address, whether or not you are a mother. Imagine having to check your your ring finger, to look for a clue as to who you are. After the panic subsides, someone will come to help you right? Someone will have been waiting anxiously for you to wake up, right?

Unfortunately not for the mysterious woman brought to Longhampton hospital following a road accident. The only person who visits the patient is local hotel owner, Libby. New to the area, Libby is a somewhat reluctant Longhampton resident as her husband Jason’s behaviour shattered their seemingly perfect and polished London lifestyle, and led them back to Longhampton to take over his family’s hotel, The Swan, in the hope of starting afresh. It’s not going so well so far though.

These two outsiders, the patient (whose name turns out to be Alice) and Libby become friends. Together they try to uncover the events that led to Alice being knocked down right outside the hotel and ending up in hospital with no memory. Jason and his evasive brother Luke, along with their recently widowed mother Margaret, all play a part in helping Alice adjust to her new life. As memories are triggered and time moves on it becomes clear that there was indeed a reason Alice was headed for The Swan. And it’s much closer to home than anyone anticipated. 

A really sweet, easy read.

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