Chasing Fire by Nora Robets 4 star review

Chasing Fire

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alpha-female Rowan Tripp works as a personal trainer in Montana until fire season begins each year. Then her life is lived on campus with a bunch of other super-fit, adrenaline junkies known as smokejumpers.  These are the people who jump from planes into burning landscapes to fight and control fires that threaten to wipe out entire national parks and the like. Rowan’s a little preoccupied this season as she is still processing the tragic death of her former jump partner, Jim, which occurred on her watch the previous year. Luckily, a rookie called Gull arrives to take her mind off things. He’s tall, handsome, strong, and fast (is probably fresh from the fight) and is generally very manly.

Up to this point, it’s looking like a nice romantic tale with a bit of forest fire drama thrown in to spice things up.  Then Roberts adds in a few nasty murders (charred remains and that type of CSI carry-on)  and the story turns into a pretty decent thriller.

Special mentions are deserved for Dolly, a vicious unhinged bitch of a character, and the heartbreakingly cute relationship that develops between Rowan’s father, Lucas ‘Iron Man’ Tripp, and schoolteacher, Ella.

Roberts is a bona fide bestselling author, also writing under the pseudonym J. D. Robb.  She has written over 150 New York Times bestsellers to date. I imagine her editors warmly receiving her manuscripts, dollar signs in their eyes.

The verdict?  Another page-turner from Roberts.  While the dialogue is often cheesy, the plot and pace never falter. 


  1. Caroline

    Nora Roberts is also perfect for rainy days too. I think I’ve bought most of her books on a bad wet day when I need something a bit comforting! I’m actually half way through “Chasing Fire” at the moment and I’m finding it very enjoyable.When I see a new Nora Roberts title in the bookshop, I do pick it up with real interest. I think I read somewhere she does write a book every few weeks. Fair play to her!

      1. Caroline

        Yes, I read The Search and really enjoyed it, especially as she got so much about dog ownership and training right. Although my three dogs are only really good at finding treats. I think if any of us got lost, we’d have to seek help elsewhere because my three would be fast asleep on the couch. Heh.

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