Kitchen Updates

September is my favourite time of year for books. There’s always so much happening and loads of big titles being released. We are big fans of cookery books in our house and so when the new Gill & Mac catalogue arrived in the door two titles in particular caught my eye.

Ballyknocken House’s Catherine Fulvio has a new book, The Weekend Chef: Easy Food for Lazy Days. Sounds perfect! I use her Family Kitchen book all the time; we love the baked egg and chorizo dish, and her ‘five ways’ scone recipes. I can’t wait to try out something new.

Also on the radar is Lilly Higgins’ Dream Deli. A veteran of the culinary circuit, Lilly has taught at Ballymaloe Cookery School, ran a monthly supper club in Dublin, has a weekly column with The Sunday Business Post, and is set to be a mentor on RTÉ’s Ireland’s Best Young Baker.  If you haven’t already seen it, check out her site.  She promises handy recipes to bring tasty cafe-style eats into your own home.  I’ll report back…

And the best part? They’re all Irish!

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