Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh Tina, why have I ignored you until now? Shame on me. I don’t watch 30 Rock.  I know, I know, everyone says I should.  Apparently, I’ll love it. (“It’s so clever and absurd. AND it’s written by a woman!!”)

I only became familiar with Fey during her Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin stint.  I thought she was brave and funny and possibly a bit mad to aim so blatantly for the jugular.  Reading about her hesitation to embrace the Palin sketches was an eye-opener.

I loved how much attention Fey paid to the gender politics at play in the media, and TV specifically, industry.  She also talks about her background in improv comedy and balancing motherhood with a healthy career.  Many of her anecdotes give a nod to the talented, hard-working female colleagues she has witnessed succeed in an extremely male-dominated industry.

That’s what this book is, a collection of anecdotes.  Some personal, some professional, all of them entertaining.  Which is good enough for me.  Two thumbs up, a great airplane read.

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