To Be Sung Underwater

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Judith, her husband Malcolm, and daughter Camille live in LA. Judith edits TV shows, Malcolm works in banking. Camille is a daddy’s girl, which often gives Judith cause to reflect on her relationship with her own father.

When she was a teenager, Judith spent a summer living with her father in Nebraska, where he relocated following his separation from Judith’s mother. That summer shaped Judith’s future – it introduced her to the Guest brothers and local older boy Willy Blunt, Judith’s first love.

As the years pass, Judith grows up, and out, of her relationship with Blunt and, despite promising otherwise, moves on to love and eventually marry someone completely different. The novel, which alternates between Judith’s adolescent years following her parents’ separation and her present as a wife and mother in LA, is solid, and McNeal has a nice turn of phrase.

One for the long summer evenings.

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