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Light Boxes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Way, way back at the start of the summer I received this solemn-looking little paperback.

Only now have I gotten around to reading it and I’m kicking myself I haven’t done so sooner. It’s so fantastically original and weird.

An evil presence (not quite a month, not quite a god) called February is persecuting the townspeople (where the town is located is irrelevant, just go with it) and has been doing so for over 200 days now. Crops die, lakes freeze, people fall ill, and, most disturbingly, children go missing.

It’s dark. I almost fell off my train seat when I read about the grieving mother opening the neck of a dead horse and popping her head inside for a look around… and it’s getting weirder. I love it!

Fans of Tim Burton and Dan Rhodes should add Shane Jones to their reading list.


  1. Brian Ahern

    Like the blog , that shane jones book sounds quite interesting , wouldn’t have come across it otherwise. Sitting in work reading H.P Lovecraft under the desk , weirdly wonderful.

    1. jennifer

      Cheers Brain. Fancy doing a guest review of H.P. Lovecraft once you’re done? Would love to hear from you! Please do check out Light Boxes, it’s fantastic.

  2. Rosemary

    Eh, please do request an author interview. A public one. In a coffee shop. With just me and him. Oh hang on, that’s a date I’m after, innit? Moving swiftly along so…

    1. Jen

      Murray, in retrospect I think I may have been overly complimentary….Some time has passed and now when I think of it I think I loved how bonkers it was and the gorgeous lyrical quality of the language, but the story itself…..Maybe a little Emperor’s New Clothes…..

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