TLLB star rating-the sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lucky, lucky Penguin getting Scott Schuman on board!

Schuman started blogging as a hobby when he realised the gap between fashion on the runways and on the streets. Snapping and posting real people worldwide his subjects range form students to models, aged 20 to 76-years-old.

His website now provides a lucrative livelihood and the publication of his book, a weighty paperback showcasing some of his favourite snaps, is set to increase his popularity even more. The blogger’s cult following would surely cover the cost of overheads easily before pulling in a huge profit.
The money’s obviously there as I caught up with the man himself while he was travelling to promote his book tour – internationally.

Schuman is all gloss. Like his book. Tan skin, smart shirt, straight white teeth, piercing blue eyes. But he does have the substance to back it up, he spoke passionately about photography and blogging and I got the impression he was quite hands on when it came to the formatting, as well as editing, of the book.

The book itself is nicely produced and showcases his favorite snaps. At approx €22 it’s pricey but will sell at Christmas no doubt. Sorted for the fashionista’s pressie so.

Face to face with the Sartorialist. Yup that’s me and him.
Oh and he’s tiny, like shorter than me and I’m only about 5’5″ I think.

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